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Bethany and Joe Paternoga currently reside in Belvidere, Illinois and are passionately pursuing the call of God on their life by changing one life at a time through national and international efforts by way of intercession, evangelism, training, teaching, equipping, outreach, and healing.

Bethany is an ordained minister of the Gospel and lives to set the hearts of people ablaze in the earth with a fiery passionate love of Jesus Christ.



Passion Fire International Ministries is a church on a global mission with an eternal purpose in mind. We are mission minded and people focused. We serve an unbiased God who loves and cares about all people, every tongue, tribe and nation. He is the best news of all time, the greatest love story you have ever heard. He is a hope to the hopeless, restoration to the broken, healing to the hurting, and freedom to the captive. It is the heart and passion of this ministry to share this great love and hope with everyone we meet both near and far in our journey to reach the unreached. 



Our hearts are deeply burdened for people both locally and internationally. We sow our time, finances and labor heavily into Orphaned and Hurting Youth. In our journey to reach the motherless, fatherless, hungry, broken, lost and hurting. We have a strong connection and involvement with foster children throughout the United States. We invest time and resources into advocating and praying for these children and their families. We pray for families to be restored and healed, but when that is not a viable option, we pray and seek out loving Christian families to receive, nurture and protect these children. 


Internationally we sponsor those orphaned or being rescued from sex trafficking by helping to provide, food, clothing, shelter and an education. We believe the Father's heart of God is a voice to the voiceless and cares deeply about the least of these.



"Passion Fire International"

PASSION: We believe that passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. We are passionate about all that we do for our Lord and Savior, and are excited about pursuing a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing the good news with others.


FIRE: There are many scriptural references to the Fire of God. We are determined to exhibit how this fire is applicable to our lives today by demonstrating a force and power that consumes and refines without prejudice! When people speak of love they will often use a phrases such as “They set my heart on fire" or "I’m burning with love". Our hope is that all people come to know this life saving, miracle working, mighty power of the one and only true God! We are driven by a desire to see people’s hearts be set ablaze with a fiery passionate love for Jesus Christ. It’s our prayer that this fire would be an all consuming and unquenchable flame in the hearts and lives of all who would receive it. May this love and fire burn so hot that all who encounter it would be set ablaze!


INTERNATIONAL: This speaks of the call and passion to take our message and mandate into all nations, fulfilling the Biblical mandate of Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19 which tells us to go into all the Earth (Nations) and preach this gospel to all. A mandate is an officially order or condition, and we accept this mandate with great expectation knowing that He will cooperate with us to fulfill His purposes through the earth so that His Kingdom will come and His will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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