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Passion Fire International believes that Word of God calls us to go into all the earth and preach the good news of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:18-20). We are a mission-minded church with an international focus. We currently are partnering with ministries in Africa and India. And are considering new partnerships in Uganda and others as the Lord leads. We also will be taking many International Mission Trips in the future as the Lord guides and provides for us to do so. We desperately need your financial support and prayers to do what we do



Passion Fire International has Partnered with Rescue1now that helps to rescue children out of sex-trafficking and abandonment. Passion Fire International has sponsored one child for a full year through this program. This will provide housing, food, clothing, medical care, counseling services and vocational training for this child.



We are currently partnering with Zion Worship Center and Home for Children led by Pastor Harrison and his lovely wife Alice. The facility can host 110 residents and provides the children with food, clothing, shelter, school, medical care and biblical teaching. Pastor Harrison and his wife not only serve the children and orphans, but they serve the lost, hurting, poor and widows of their village. Passion Fire International has partnered with them to fence in and plow the land for them to grow crops and keep the predators out to feed the children. We have also sent finances to help purchase water barrels for the widows to have access to clean drinking water and food donations for the needy. We are honored to partner with this ministry.




Hello dear Loving friend, dear family and servant of the Lord. Blessings and Much Love from Kenya. We are doing great by the grace of God and we bless the Lord. We pray it's well with you and Joe, and the entire family.

You are ever in our Prayers!!!

Yes ! The Fence project is doing very well. When we see this progress, we bless the Lord all the time... We are telling of the Lord's faithfulness and divine connection, Praise the Lord !

Here are some Photos of the fence project. And YES ! A life touched as we blessed a woman, over 90 years of age with a Barrel and these were her words; "Jesus himself has come down to me."

She was so excited until she remembered someone who refused to help her with a barrel 10 years ago. She said, "Now let her come to see that God has blessed me with Mine." Very touching !!!

God Bless Passion Fire Ministries, God Bless this Ordained Great Couple!, We Love you so so Much !!!





Hello dear family! Hope it’s well with you and the ministry! You are in our prayers!

The second family gets a barrel! The old woman on the left said that God has remembered her as she couldn’t ever think of owning a barrel to store water. She was so excited that God has shown her this kind of love. Thank you so much for your ministry to these vulnerable souls, we continue to touch lives!!!




Call unto me, and i will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jere:33:3

This is what the Lord has done to us. We are full of gratitude and Pray that God will use you mightily to touch Nations for His own Glory.

Much Love from your Kenyan family,

Pastor Harrison.



Blessings and greetings from your Kenyan family. Please we pray it's great with you all. We love you and are praying for you every day.

It was great Outreach today as we reached 2 families with the Love of Jesus, and delivered blessings of barrels to them. Because of your Love and generosity, We were able to touch these families in a great way... What a great touch! Thank you so much, You and Joe are sent by the Lord to Change lives for the Kingdom. Thank you !







Hello and good Morning dear family. Because of your Great Blessing; We called, very early in the Morning the Tractor Man to come and help us dig the ground, at the place we fenced so we can begin working on it... This was to us an instant Miracle, God using you and your ministry mightily !!

We are so grateful and humbled by our loving sister.

Much Love to you, Joe, and the entire family.

Your Kenya family wishes You all the Best in Life !!!


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